Builtman Morning Dews villas and resort project at Ooty comprise of 30 designer villas and 7 studio apartments. The project is nearing completion. The investors have the opportunity to purchase a villa or studio and lease it out to the hospitality division of Builtman group who will run this projects as a luxury resort "CARROT CREEK" and to get monthly returns on business achieved. Moreover the customers are entitled for 2 weeks free stay annually in the resort.

Ooty, the capital of Nilgiris is proud of its ancient glory as the favorite destination of colonial period. When we escape in to the hilly green gateways we can explore Mountains and head for the mystic beauty in that lap of nature. Those fed up with the city buzz, will find this place so tempting and they will be captivated by numerous attractive spots like Viewpoints, Lake Botanical garden etc, which offer a plethora of views to gaze upon. The old toy train track, exotic birds, trekking areas, ayurvedic spa for de-stress and innumerable ancient buildings built in colonial style with a blend of British and Indian architecture offer a desirous feast to our heart and soul Ooty is the home of stunning resorts and hotels destinations which provide international hospitality flavors.

Current lifestyle is in demand for leisure and scope for holiday homes are increasing in reality industry. Builtman Reality and Infrastructure LLP is coming up with a chain of holiday home projects in major tourists spots in India and abroad. The first project will be coming up in Ooty at Athigaratty (also known as Adigaratty) it is a picturesque plays lifted with natural landscape beauty. Athigaratty is located 15 Km from Udagamandalam (via Love dale coonoor road) and 19 Km from Coonoor.

The leisure villas provides a great deal of psychological boosting and they help us to refresh our mind and get relived of our stress and strain. This basic fact had promoted ‘morning dews’ to plan a bunch of holiday abodes at Ooty where you can spend your leisure time with your loving ones. These pleasure villas at the heart of Blue Mountains, designed by Morning dews in colonial style with a blend of Indian and British architecture is so tempting and those die-hard Ooty fans will surely we captivated by the numerous attractive spots. More over the opportunity to Purchase a villa and posses a Resort is a Excellent investment opportunity.